Stephen was born to immigrant parents in New York City and spent most of his formative years on the outskirts of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. He was reborn in Christ when he started attending Oversea Chinese Mission in the autumn of 1994. Had Stephen known God would eventually lead him to the position of Administrator at Oversea Chinese Mission in May 2006, Stephen would have traded his expensive college education for an immersive study abroad program in China. In addition to receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic communications from New York University, Stephen possesses 180 other degrees on his protractor and an extensive knowledge of the liberal and cultural arts on his smartphone. Aside from writing about himself in the third-person (and wondering how well this would translate into Chinese), Stephen enjoys reading, rowing, cycling, swimming, baseball, basketball, football and encountering God in unexpected places. He currently resides in Downtown Brooklyn with his best friend and wife, Mi, and two very energetic sons, Elliot and Jaken.