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Reframe: Connecting Faith to Life

Deborah Fung will be leading a 10-week course that begins with the conviction that the story of scripture is relevant to all of life: jobs, responsibilities, relationship, world. Our goal for this class is to see the gospel with...

Mandarin Christian Education (Spring 2018)

國語 4/15-7/8 上午10:15-11:15: 舊約 撒母耳記上下 (課室601; 老師:張文彬牧師、湛穗豐弟兄、仲心玨姐妹) 舊約 列王記上(一): 幫助弟兄姊妹認識與掌握以色列的王國歷史 (課室603; 老師:葉明亮牧師、丁聖材牧師) 新約 哥林多後書 -真誠積極的事奉 (課室605; 老師:黃浩明弟兄、黃慶雲弟兄)

Family Worship Sunday

Every fifth Sunday of the month, we will be having family worship in all of our services, where children, adults, and people of all ages can come together and worship.