1. The Planning Committee shall be composed of seven members. The members of the first Planning Committee were nominated by the founder and elected in the Pastoral Staff meeting.  Therefore the members were nominated by the Pastoral Staff and elected by the Planning Committee.
  2. Planning committee elections shall be held every two years. At each election, the terms of two members shall expire and two new members shall be elected to replace them. After a member has stopped serving for one term he shall be eligible to be re-elected. The order of expiration of terms for each member of the first committee was determined by lot.
  3. Whoever has served as a co-worker for more than three years shall be eligible to be nominated, but his immediate family members shall not be eligible to serve in the same term.
  4. The Senior Pastor of the church shall be the Planning Committee chairman ex officio, but shall not have the right to vote. When pastoral matters need to be discussed, a meeting may be called by the vice-chairman, and the chairman shall leave the meeting voluntarily.
  5. The Planning Committee shall have a vice-chairman and a secretary, elected by the members from the members of each term. A new member shall not be eligible to be elected as the vice-chairman.
  6. The Planning Committee shall hold at least one meeting each quarter. The meeting shall be held before the meeting of the co-workers of the entire church so that the results of the meeting can be reported to the co-workers.
  7. In cases where a member can no longer attend this church and its committee meeting because of moving to another location or for any other reason, someone shall be elected to replace him.  However, if the remainder of the first person’s teem is one year or less, his replacement shall be elected in the next election.
  8. If a member is alleged to have incorrect belief or improper conduct, and supporting evidence is found by the Pastoral Staff and the Planning Committee, a unanimous negative vote shall disqualify the person from serving on the Planning Committee.


  1. The Planning committee shall hire or dismiss members of the Pastoral Staff as necessary and decide on their salary and benefits, such as social security and medical insurance.
  2. When a member of the Pastoral Staff leaves, or when someone joins the Pastoral Staff, the Planning Committee shall take care of the transfer of duties during the transition period.
  3. The Planning Committee shall facilitate good relationships within the Pastoral Staff and between the Pastoral Staff and the congregation.
  4. The Planning Committee shall manage the property rights of the main building and the buildings of the branch churches. The Planning Committee shall also recommend candidates for trustees to the Pastoral Staff.
  5. The Planning Committee shall assist the Pastoral Staff in planning the overall church ministries.