1. This church shall hire one senior pastor and other Pastoral Staff members as needed.
  2. The Senior Pastor shall have had formal theological training, shall have been ordained and shall have had a minimum of seven years’ experience as a pastor, or equivalent qualifications. The Planning Committee must approve his hiring.
  3. The Senior Pastor is responsible for preaching, supervising and promoting the various ministries, calling of the meetings of the Pastoral Staff, the Planning Committee, and the co-workers, according to the pre-determined agreement.
  4. The Pastoral Staff meeting shall be called by the Senior Pastor and shall be held monthly to discuss the various ministries and recommend people to serve on each committee. Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded.
  5. There shall be no term limit for any member of the Pastoral Staff. Six months’ notice shall be given before employment is terminated by either side.
  6. All Pastoral Staff members shall retire when they reach the age of sixty-five. In special situations, a Pastoral Staff member may continue after the age of sixty-five. In this case, the term of service shall be subject to review each year until the staff member reaches the age of seventy, but the person shall not serve as the Senior Pastor.
  7. If a retired Pastoral Staff member does not get any salaried employment elsewhere, he shall automatically become a missionary of this church, serving the church with his spiritual and pastoral experience. According to the federal government’s IRA requirements, the church shall give each member of the Pastoral Staff, each year from the time he is employed, 50% of the maximum retirement benefit allowed by the IRA regulations, and put this entire 50% in the bank for the staff member. For a member who has been employed by the church for less than ten years before retirement, the Planning Committee shall determine the amount of the retirement benefit according to the individual situation.
  8. A retired Pastoral Staff member may be employed as a consultant-advisor of this church, but without salary. There shall not be more than two consultant-advisors at any time.