1. This church shall not belong to any denomination, but shall be a permanent member of the National Association of Evangelicals.
  2. The committees of this church shall be: Worship Committee, Caring Committee, Missions Committee, Evangelism Committee, Fellowship Committee, Christian Education Committee, Service Committee, and Finance Committee. More Committees may be added as necessary.
  3. All those who serve on the committees shall be members who are motivated by the Holy Spirit and do the service voluntarily. The leader of each committee shall be either a staff member or shall be appointed in the Pastoral Staff meeting.
  4. Each committee shall hold meetings as necessary. The rules and regulations of the committees shall be in accordance with this Constitution.
  5. Churches established in various locations by this church shall be either coordinated, organized, and subsidized by the Missions Committee, or the important decisions shall be made by the Missions Committee. When such a church becomes completely independent it shall then have a sister relationship with this church and we shall care for and help each other. We shall also strive together, having the same desire to spread the gospel.