1. Because of the needs of the church and as a result of conviction by the Holy Spirit, the founder of this church established the position of Bishop.  Before a Bishop relinquishes his responsibilities, he shall notify the Pastoral Staff and the Planning Committee. Then a joint meeting of the Pastoral Staff and the Planning Committee shall be held to elect a new bishop. The retiring Bishop shall preside at the installation of the new Bishop on the date agreed upon. After the installation of the new Bishop, the retiring Bishop shall become the Bishop Emeritus. If the retiring Bishop is not able to preside at the installation service of the new Bishop for any reason, the Pastoral Staff and the Planning Committee shall invite a Bishop or a supervisor of another denomination which has similar doctrine to preside at the installation.
  2. When as associated church in another country has developed to the point where it has five branch churches in the same country, a total of more than 1,000 persons attend worship every Sunday, more than seven persons are in full-time Christian service, and the church has become completely independent financially, another Bishop shall be elected.
  3. Eligible candidates for Bishop shall be at least forty-five years old, shall have received formal theological education, shall have been ordained, shall have served as a pastor for more than ten years and shall have served at OCM for more than five years with recognized good results and
  4. The Bishop shall be responsible for ensuring that the doctrinal statement is followed, resolving major conflicts and disharmony, supervising all branch churches, and attending the co-workers meetings, Planning Committee meetings and Pastoral Staff meetings.
  5. If the Bishop is unable to attend the above meetings for any reason, he shall delegate his responsibilities to the Senior Pastor of the church.
  6. The Bishop shall not receive extra pay, but may be compensated for business expenses.
  7. When a Bishop reaches the age of 70 he shall automatically become a consultant-advisor. If there is no person qualified to replace the retiring Bishop, the position of Bishop may be vacant.