Candidates for elders shall have the following qualification (1Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4):

  • Shall have a good reputation in the family, inside and outside the church. Shall be blameless in word and deed.
  • Shall be hospitable, understand the truth of the Bible, and be capable of teaching and pasturing.
  • Shall be a model for other Christians in his faith, love, offering and participation in church activities.
  • Shall treat the church as he would his home. Shall have served in the church for at least seven years.

Responsibilities of elders:

  • Shall assist the Senior Pastor in promoting and supervising various ministries.
  • Shall share the pastoral and teaching responsibilities of the Pastoral Staff.
  • Shall care about the spiritual and material life of the church members and encourage them to love each other.
  • Shall not be a member of the Planning Committee, but shall be a member of the Pastoral Staff.
  • Shall attend the Pastoral Staff meeting, Planning Committee meeting and co-workers meeting.  Shall facilitate cooperation among the church co-workers. Shall pray and plan with them for the ministries of the church.
  • May be a committee leader or may recommend suitable persons to be committee leaders.
  • Shall train and guide the committee leaders.
  • When an elder is called by the Lord to be hired as a full-time or part-time pastor, he shall bear the same responsibilities as the other members of the Pastoral Staff, and he may receive pay.

Selection process and term of office:

  • Shall be nominated by the Pastoral Staff. Nominees shall have the qualifications of an elder and shall “desire a noble task.” (1Timothy 3:1)
  • Shall be elected by a 75% vote of the combined Pastoral Staff, Board of Elders and Planning Committee.
  • Shall attend the elder training course of this church and shall be publicly ordained by the Pastoral Staff and leaders, with the Senior Pastor officiating at the ceremony.
  • The number of elders shall be determined by need, but each branch church shall not have more than three elders.
  • The term of office shall be unlimited as long as the elder fulfills his responsibilities. If he relinquishes his responsibilities he shall still retain the title of elder.
  • If an elder is alleged to have incorrect belief or improper conduct, which causes damage to his responsibility and testimony, and supporting evidence is found by the Pastoral Staff, remaining elders and Planning Committee, a negative vote by 75% of the combined Pastoral Staff, remaining elders and Planning Committee shall disqualify the person from serving as an elder.